Executive & Life Coaching Services


Everyone deserves to live their best life,
whatever their choice of life is” – Sara de Miguel


Is there an area of your life where you feel you are stuck or you would like more clarity on? Coaching will give you the time to pause and look at what is important for you in life and help you work towards those goals. Flowithme looks after the clients well-being with the combination of yoga, cooking and coaching services.


Our key strength is developing people to reach the best of their ability using a body, mind and spirit approach. During ‘Flowithme’ coaching sessions, you will learn the skills, tools and knowledge to create the life you want for yourself in a relaxed environment where all conversations are strictly confidential.

Services provided by Flowithme


Life Coaching – discover what you want in life, set goals and structure a plan to ensure you succeed.

Yoga and Chair Yoga classes – Calm your mind and strengthen  your body with the practice of yoga asanas, breathing techniques and meditation.

Cooking classes  – Learn food planning techniques and how to cook with Thermomix simple nutritious recipes for a healthier lifestyle.

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Opening Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-7pm

Contact Sara to organize an appointment sara@flowithme.com  / www.flowithme.com / 0851387984