Fitness Classes Dublin

Fitness Classes Dublin

Sweat, Smile, Enjoy, Repeat! Our classes are designed to burn, tone, build and be fun. We have tailored classes to keep fitness fun and help you achieve your goals is a friendly environment.

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5 x 5

Increase strength with this ultimate body workout for serious gym goers.


Challenging bodyweight and resistance training class including cardio and core work

Ass 2 Grass

Women-only class designed to tighten the bum, tone the legs and firm the abs.

Aqua Aerobics

Make a splash in a high energy – low impact environment.


Mix of low impact aerobics, toning & stretching exercises; for those new to exercise or active seniors.

Blast of Abs

An intense fifteen-minute class designed to strengthen and tone the core.

Box ‘N’ Tone

An all level circuit class using footwork, boxing drills and abdominal work to tone the body


Body-weight training intended to increase strength,flexibility and agility

Express Spin

Fun and energetic class with motivational music and a mixture of flat, hill and sprint intervals.

FIIT Circuit

Fast-paced class combining endurance, conditioning and resistance training.

Flexibility & Mobility

Improve joint mobility using movement, patterns and dynamic and static stretching.

Group PT

Group PT sessions with Gordan Ryan. For more information contact our reception.

Hardcore Circuit

Whole body workout focused on strength and conditioning.


Intense full body workout using traditional Russian kettlebells.

Instructors Choice

Class chosen by the gym instructor on the day

Pure Spin

Feel the burn with this class spin class.

Spin & Pump

High energy class with pumping music, perfect for this spinning enthusiasts.

Total Body Tabata

This fast paced, high intensity class is not for the faint hearted.

Weight Training Technique

Learn the basics of weight and bodyweight training while improving technique.

RIP 60

Develop strength, flexibility and core stability using suspension straps and bodyweight.


Use specific flowing postures linking breath and movement to increase strength and flexibility.



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