Class Descriptions

Our Classes

Sweat, Smile, Enjoy, Repeat! Our classes are designed to burn, tone, build and be fun. We have tailored classes to keep fitness fun and help you achieve your goals is a friendly environment. Checkout our timetable here!


If you like to vary your workouts then circuit classes are the right class for you. Circuits include a number of different stations which include aerobic, anaerobic and muscular endurance exercises. There is also a great social aspect to circuits where some exercises involve teamwork with other class participants.

Aqua Aerobics:

Aqua aerobics is an exercise class that takes place in the swimming pool. It is a low impact class suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. The exercises can range from flexibility to high intensity exercises getting a full body workout in the process. Aqua aerobics can also be very beneficial to people recovering from injuries/ surgeries etc. due to there being little to no impact on the joints.

Personal Training:

We offer one to one personal training on a once off basis or as part of packages. Our personal trainers are qualified specialising in Weight loss, Sport specific training and Strength training. Nutritional advice is also available on request.

Our Fitness Classes Have Many Benefits Including:

• Encouragement and motivation from our highly trained staff
• Group environment so you’re not in this alone!
• Fun way to exercise
• You concentrate on just doing the workout and we plan it for you.

Opening Hours

Monday To Thursday

7.00am – 9.15pm


7.00am – 7.45pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

8.00am – 7.45pm