Classes & Lessons

Check out the timetable below for information about all of our Fitness Classes and lessons.

Swimming Lessons

Club Vitae offers adult and children swimming lessons. The adult lessons are on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm €60 for non-members, €50 for members per term. Children swimming lessons are on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays €60 for non-members, €50 for members per term. The children levels are from level 1 right up to Level 6. We also offer add-on’s for those who have completed our swim academy, Kiddie Kickers and Rookie Lifeguard.

Indoor Cycle / Disco Cycle

Pedel, pedel, pedel that is the key to this class. This an intense cardio workout which caters for all fitness levels. Members can control their own resistance levels and speed making progression from their current fitness levels that little bit more achievable.

Fab Abs

15 minutes of a blast on the core muscles. Ab exercises using different equipment and your own body weight. Members will use kettlebells, dumbbells and their own body weight as there resistance. Wash board stomachs for all.

Aqua Aerobics

In water, no impact on your joints which makes this class a brilliant class for those returning from injury. This class offers a great workout which will lead to toning, improved range of motion, strength, coordination and flexibility.

Corporate Blast

Struggling to get to the gym? This 30 minutes lunch time class is exactly what you need. 30 minutes of an intense workout from start to finish, which will work on all the major muscle groups. Suitable for all levels of fitness. And remember its only 30 minutes long.


Kettlebell training is different than any other form of weight training. Mainly because a number of body parts are worked at the same time while using a kettlebell. This class will deliver fast results for strength, endurance and muscle toning. Burn on average 600 calories per hour

Functional Training

Functional training uses exercises to copy every-day movements. This is a tough but enjoyable class that works on cardio and muscular endurance. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Suspension Training

Focuses on body weight exercises as the resistance. Going against gravity is what makes this class different from every other class. You can add or decrease the resistance quite easily all you have to do is just adjust your body position. Suitable for all levels.


Circuit training is where you would use a combination of aerobic and strength exercises. Usually a 12 station circuit depending on numbers. Usually would be 30 seconds on each station with a 5 second rest in-between. The main aims of circuit training are to increase muscular strength, endurance and aerobic fitness levels