1. Club Vitae is a member’s only club.

2. New members joining and past members renewing (that have not been a current member for 1 month or more) must fill out a new application form and a health screening form before they can use the facilities.

3. On your application being accepted, membership entitles you to use all the facilities of the club and to join all programs & classes. All private tuition and certain programmed group courses incur an extra charge. Please ask your membership advisor for further details.

4. Temporary suspension of membership is permitted, for no more than 3 months. Club membership is not transferable and non-refundable.

5. Club Vitae management has the right to refuse any membership application.

6. Club membership may be terminated by the management for violation of any rule or regulation of the Club or conduct deemed by the management to be detrimental to the welfare, good order or character of the Club and its members.

7. The Club Management reserves the right to utilize the Club facilities for special events, private parties, seminars, tournaments or other activities which it may deem desirable.

8. The Club is not responsible for the loss of any personal items or damage to personal property either on the Club premises or in the parking area.

9. It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians of children under 16 years to supervise their children at all times while they are on the Club premises.

10. In the event of major reconstruction of the Club premises, every effort will be made by Management to eliminate any diminution of Club services. Membership will not be suspended and member’s co-operation in this respect is assumed.

11. Proper clothing and footwear must be worn at all times. Flip flops are not allowed on the gym floor.

12. Payment of membership fees must be made in full or by direct debit before leisure club use commences.

13. You must have a pad lock to use the lockers in the changing rooms. It is vitally important that you lock your locker at all times. Lockers cannot be locked overnight.

14. The Club’s General Fitness Evaluation (below) must be completed and signed by all Applicants in advance to using the Club facilities.

15. The membership term starts on the date of purchase.

Members are requested to accept responsibility for their personal, medical and physical condition in order to take a part in Club activities including the use of the gym and gym equipment. Any assessment undertaken in the Club is for general information only with a view to give an advice and should not be relied on by members are certifying their fitness or otherwise to use the Club facilities or equipment.

The Club advises all members to consult with their doctor prior to beginning a program of physical exercise.

In activating my membership, I acknowledge I have volunteered to participate (whether I do or not in fact participate) in programs of progressing physical exercise. The possibility of certain unusual changes during exercise does exist; for example, disorders of heart beat and very rare instances of heart attack or death. To my knowledge I do not have any limiting physical condition or disability, which would preclude an exercise program. I have been and/or am hereby informed of the need to undergo a physician’s examination prior to my application of membership. I have recently undergone such as examination or have declined to so do. In declining to undergo an examination, I acknowledge that I accept complete responsibility for my health and well-being in all and any voluntary exercise fitness programs and related testing.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that I will enjoy the facilities provided at the Club entirely at my own risk and that I will not hold or endeavor to hold liable Club Vitae, its servants, agents, officers, employees or representatives for any injury, loss, damage or expense incurred by me or on my behalf or suffered by me or on my behalf arising out of the use or enjoyment of any of the facilities of the said Club, howsoever arising. I hereby confirm and accept that I shall not hold Club Vitae  responsible for any damage or injury howsoever, or when so ever caused to me arising from or due to the negligence of Club Vitae.

I hereby apply for the membership of the Club Vitae . I understand that my applications for admission to membership of the Club shall be made strictly subject to the Rules, Bye Laws and Regulations of the Club. Should my application be successful and I am elected a member of the Club, I hereby agree to comply with and be bound by the rules of the Club and those Conditions of Membership as set out above. I acknowledge and confirm that I fully understand the effect and importance of the above-mentioned Acknowledgments and Conditions of Membership.