Patrick Doherty

Personal Trainer

Well what can I say when it comes to the health and fitness industry I’m greatly involved, highly motivated and totally dedicated which is why I am qualified as a personal trainer. I’ve currently five years’ experience based on 1-1 training and have been involved in health and fitness from a young age as I’ve always been sport orientated.

We all join the gym for various reasons and different aspects, though I believe that we all have that one desired goal in life, it’s just lacking that ambition to succeed. Remember, every journey starts with a few steps and I am here willing to push you on that extra bit further until you’ve achieved that desired goal.

I honestly admire the people that take on the bigger challenge ahead, which is what I once done through gaining knowledge and seeking advice with the aim of advancing my physique and lifestyle to a new level and continue to do so. If you’re aiming towards that healthier lifestyle, gaining strength, an increase in fitness or just wanting to enjoy that general well-being with having that confidence to look good within yourself. I will provide you with the motivation, mind-set and utter determination to be proud.