5 Reasons why you should take part in a Spin Class

With the evolution of gym classes, chances are you’ve probably heard of someone talking about that amazing spin class they go to. You probably also wondered how sitting on a stationary bike, whilst cycling to loud music within a group could be an amazing workout, right?

We asked a Club Vitae personal trainer, for their top five reasons on why you should try one of our ‘Spin Classes’.

“Spinning is a new trend that has taken off massively throughout Ireland over the last number of years. Our classes have a wide diversity of people from all backgrounds, and all ages. The following are my top 5 reasons on why you should attend our next spin class.”

  1. Anyone can do it – it does not matter what age you are or where you feel your fitness level might be, you can do it. Spinning is tailored to each person’s own ability and stamina levels.
  2. It’s unique – as a workout, spinning is very unique. A team of individuals all working as hard as they can for a set period is something really special. It creates an unwritten bond between everyone and a great social outlet.
  3. It’s a great, full body workout.
  4. It’s convenient – Spinning usually does not last any longer than 45 minutes and classes tend to be daily.
  5. Spinning also has a low impact of injury or damage. As the bike is stationary, it is nearly next to impossible to fall off, and injure yourself. It is a great workout for someone recovering from injury.

Spin Classes are available nationwide in our Club Vitae gyms below. Please visit our website for the latest timetable information. We also recommend beginners to arrive early and let our instructors know it is your first time so they can help get you started.

Club Vitae Gym Dublin Docklands Spin Classes

Club Vitae Liffey Valley Gym Spin Classes

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