Be SMART this New Year

So, your new year’s resolution is to start the gym? It is never too late to start your year on the right foot. You can make this year count and be the best version of you. It is easy to set good intentions at the start of the year but how can we implement a plan to turn our goals into a reality?

Here at Club Vitae, many of us have used the SMART technique. As the name conveys, it is something you can incorporate into your life to make your goals more achievable and sustainable for the entire year, not only January.

Be Specific but Realistic!

– Before doing anything, this is a fundamental step. It is important to become very clear in what you would like to achieve this year and have a vivid image in your mind of where you see yourself at the end of the year. Setting targets that are vague for example ‘’I want to be active’’ is of course a good start but will you ever be satisfied with your progress if you do not have a specific goal in mind?

Make a Measurable plan!

– This brings us to being accountable in order to achieve our goals. If you have a minute in your day, take some time for you to reflect on your fitness goals and progress. Keep a journal or a diary. Write down what you are proud of, what you would like to change or whatever comes to your mind. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is much more than improving your physical appearance, it can also transform your mental health. In your journal create a daily gratitude list. Writing down what we are grateful for can motivate us immensely. Some of our Club Vitae members have tried this and their attitude towards the gym is incredible. For example, ‘’I can wake up every day and move my body’’ this is something to be hugely grateful for and many of us may take this for granted.

What is Achievable for you?

– When we create New Year Resolution’s we often write these exuberant, unattainable goals. For example. ‘’I will run a Marathon next month’’ Of course, this is an amazing New Year’s Resolution, but there is no need to over-do it in January. Remember, New Year’s Resolutions are called this for a reason. We set these goals to be achieved within the year. Our natural tendency is to create these unattainable goals but this more often than not leads to disappointment and feeling disheartened.

Be Relevant to you!

-At Club Vitae our motto is ‘’Fitness Your Way’’. You can get active this year by taking up a sport you loved during your childhood or trying a new sport or exercise every month until you find the one that has been waiting for you all along. Create resolutions that will create happiness. If you find the gym a chore it will be difficult to achieve long-term results. Following our motto ‘’Fitness your Way’’ you can create a plan specific to you. Dancing, boxing, swimming, the possibilities are endless. Find a class for you

Time Frame-

We have an entire year to achieve our New Year Goals. In your journal, set an approximate time frame of when you would like to achieve your goals. It is important to be consistent and reflective throughout the year. Don’t look at how far you are from your goal, think about how far you have come or how far you can go! With all of this in mind, now is the time to take action and be SMART this new year.