Beginner/Older Fitness Class

Are you still in lockdown? Yes, however it does mean we are getting just that bit closer to being back to a ‘new normal’.

Have you done much exercise over the last few months or your simply feeling like you need to get moving.

Catch up on our beginner/Older Adult Fitness Class below with Hugh from Club Vitae Oranmore.

There are a number of reason why you should stay active and get that bit of exercise in each day.

Regular physical activity helps to improve your personal health, it helps build muscle strength and boosts endurance. Exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits – improving your quality of life and all of the below.

  1. Gives you more energy to complete the day
  2. Helps to relieve or withstand stress
  3. Builds up muscle throughout your body
  4. Helps you keep focus
  5. Decreases risk of illnesses & helps speed up recovery

We know you can do it!