How to incorporate exercise into a busy schedule

It can be hard to prioritise fitness while working full time. With packed schedules and tiresome daily commutes exercise and healthy habits seem like tough work. They don’t have to be though. It’s all about finding that work life balance. Fitting in some exercise and forming healthy eating habits will improve your energy and mental health; inevitably enhancing all areas of your life. Here are a few ways you can incorporate health fitness into your week without feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Get those steps in

For those in office jobs, you have to make a little extra effort to get moving. Increasing your steps throughout the day by talking the stairs instead of the lift, going for a walk at lunch or parking ten minutes away and walking to the office has multiple benefits. Not only do you feel more energised but you will burn calories without even noticing it. For those in physical jobs, you have already got daily movement covered! Make sure to take rest periods throughout the day to avoid muscles soreness.

  1. Schedule in that exercise

Whether it is an hour in the gym, a spinning class or an evening walk, we have to plan these activities into the week. On days where you’re lacking motivation, use self-discipline. By sticking to your training plan even on days you don’t feel like it, you build a habit and begin to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Set a plan and goals for yourself. You will never finish exercise having regretted ever doing it! Why not talk to a Club Vitae trainer about your goals and setting a plan? Our gyms in Ireland are conveniently located and offer high quality equipment, swimming pool facilities, fitness classes and qualified instructors to help you get fit.

  1. Meal prep

How many times have you gotten home from work and realised there is nothing in the fridge for dinner, only to end up ordering out and feeling guilty? We’ve all been there! The trick is to plan ahead. Make a plan of what you will have for breakfast lunch and dinner for the next week. Ensure you pick up everything you need in your weekly shop and dedicate an hour once or twice a week to prep some of these meals. You don’t have to meal prep everything you wish to eat but do it for meals that stress you out!

If you get stressed in the morning trying to figure out what to bring into the office for breakfast overnight oats are a quick and tasty solution. They take 5 minutes to make the night before and are ready to grab the next morning. Oats have a boring reputation but chocolate, peanut butter oats will change your mind!

You can also prepare a few hot meals that I can take in for lunch or have ready for when you get home from the office. You will create more time in the evening to relax. Meal prep reduces stressful mealtimes and also encourages me to healthy eating. Give it a try and see how it can help you and your busy schedule.

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